JüBoo Productions is a personalized one on one music production studio based out of Germantown Philadelphia. Lead by Daniel Kaplowitz, we offer a personalized music production experience in a relaxed home studio environment. Always searching for something a little different we specialize in taking your music and reinventing it into something new and unexpected. Whether your sound is rock, jazz, funk, R&B, indie, pop, african soukous or metal you can find a home here and we can find the Ju Ju you need!

Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer on a constant search for new sounds and approaches to the traditions of the past. Fascinated with poly-rhythms, grooves, and unusual harmonies, Daniel's work is soulful, angular, fearless, and dynamic, containing elements of jazz, blues, R&B, rock and African rhythms, while being rooted in the sound of Philadelphia.

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In order to offer the most competitive and simplified rates, we do not charge per hour, rather we break the process up into two categories: Recording and Mixing. Discounts can be applied to larger scale projects such as EPs or full albums.

Recording / Production

Includes 6 hours in studio recording time


Mixing / Mastering

No hourly rate, flat fee till track is completed




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